#145 – Urges: Healthy vs Unhealthy

Urges - Healthy vs. Unhealthy

Urges, whether they are healthy or unhealthy, are essentially a gift from God as they are the gateway back to realizing some areas of brokenness that exist inside us.

It is not a bad thing to experience negative emotions such as stress, anger, or anxiety. In fact, having these emotions can be helpful in fully understanding what it is about ourselves that needs to be healed or fixed. If we take a moment to reflect on how we handle negative emotions, we can improve as individuals and handle them more effectively the next time they arise. Having healthy urges will inspire and motivate us to live a more intentional life, form more healthy, productive habits, and see life in a more positive light.

Instead of escaping from our situation, take the time to figure out what our urges are trying to teach us about ourselves. Always remember that we are always worth the time and effort and that we should always give this to ourselves.

In this episode, Andrew and Benjy talk about what it is to have urges, why having unhealthy urges is not inherently a negative trait, as well as the significance of identifying healthy urges in our lives. They also discuss how urges, whether they are healthy or unhealthy, are the key to understanding and loving ourselves.

Listen to Episode 145 to learn more!

  • Understanding our negative emotions
  • Noticing a limitation is informative and helpful
  • Understanding where our urges are coming from
  • The Blessed Couple Podcast
  • Our subconscious fear of disapproval
  • Enjoy the process of getting to know ourselves
  • Why is it alarming when we lack strong positive urges?
  • How do we identify and indulge our productive urges?

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