Ep 133 Your Relationship With Your Sexual Organ

#133 – Your Relationship With Your Sexual Organ

Your Relationship With Your Sexual Organ

In today’s society, people are less likely to openly talk about our sexual organs. Because of the taboo that normally surrounds sex, there’s rarely a safe space to talk about our sexual organs in a manner that won’t elicit crass comments. However, our sexual organs play an important part in our lives – after all, this is how our DNA is passed on to the next generation, as well as where love is manifested. It is important that we develop a relationship with our sexual organs and treat them with care, and respect, and nurture them with a great deal of love as this reflects how highly we value ourselves and the kind of relationship we want to have with our future spouse.

People learn about sexuality in various ways. Some learn it from their parents, teachers, or other people in their immediate environment. Some discover it independently. Each of us has a unique perspective on it; consequently, we each have a unique understanding of its true purpose. Our sexual organs are significant and sacred, so we must take care of them and develop a healthy relationship with them. Instead of associating our sexual organs with things that can only destroy our relationships with them, such as shame, porn, masturbation, and other bad habits, we should treat them with respect, love, and most importantly, in accordance with God’s will.

In this episode, we are joined by our special guest, Carina Cunningham, as we talk about the value of our sexual organs, the importance of building a healthy relationship with our sexual organs, as well as the habits we should avoid that can devalue our sexuality. We also discuss sensuality, which comes from the book Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing By Jay Stringer.

People who become addicted to things, such as masturbation or porn, do so because their relationship with their sexuality and sexual organs is unhealthy or misaligned. Discipline is key when we are breaking free from addiction, and it goes hand-in-hand with determining the cause of our broken relationship with our sexuality and reconnecting with it to form a much healthier relationship. It is of the utmost significance that we cultivate a relationship with our sexuality because it is connected to the relationship that we have with God and our future spouse.

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Show Notes

  • The value of our sexual organs
  • What do our sexual organs actually represent?
  • Create a healthy connection with our sexuality
  • True Parents’ view of sexuality
  • Finding our own way to bridge the gap between our sexuality and God
  • How our interpretation of sexuality can be profoundly impacted by having a different worldview about it?
  • Our beliefs should be in line with our actions
  • The Blessed Couple Podcast
  • What is selfishness all about?
  • A “little porn” always leads to “more porn”
  • A must-read book: Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing By Jay Stringer
  • Porn hinders us from seeing even the smallest beautiful aspects of people
  • Sensuality, sexuality, and sex are connected to absolute sex
  • Why do we need to prioritize sensuality in our lives?
  • The most important discipline

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