Episode 132 - Owner VS Renter Of Your Sexuality

#132 – Owner VS Renter Of Your Sexuality

Owner VS Renter Of Your Sexuality

When we own something, we treat it with respect, take care of it, are aware of when something is wrong, and we are able to fix it on our own. However,  when we have something that we don’t own or are the “renter” of, we often have no knowledge about it, give it little attention, and have no understanding of how to fix it when anything goes wrong.

Porn and sexual deviance are destructive habits that some people develop because they seek to escape from their traumas. These are areas of our lives for which we take no responsibility, so we are unaware of our ability to heal from them. When we fully own and begin reclaiming those broken areas of our lives, we can also begin to evaluate our lives, connect to the person we want to be, and get rid of those unhealthy habits.

Owning our sexuality entails loving ourselves beyond all else. This means that we must always learn to treat ourselves with respect and kindness. We cannot fully love another person if we do not first love ourselves as we cannot really offer what we do not have. Our sexuality should be a reflection of who we aspire to become. When we learn to fully own our sexuality, we can see how valuable and beautiful we are and that we are the person we have been yearning for all along.

In this episode, Andrew, Benjy, and special guest Eric talk about what it means to be an owner and a renter, as well as how to fully own and take control of our sexuality. They discuss different analogies of what ownership means and how we can use those definitions to apply them to why we should take control of our sexuality.

A lot of us believe that everyone will eventually cross paths with someone who can mend the broken parts of our lives. Many times we are so focused on searching for that right person when all we really need is the courage and bravery to finally take control of our lives and our destiny as we are the only ones who can truly make us whole.

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Show Notes

  • The difference between an owner and a renter of your sexuality
  • The definition of ownership
  • Why should we claim ownership of our sexuality?
  • Why does unconditional commitment matter the most in a relationship?
  • The value of being accountable for our own lives
  • Why do some people enter marriage as ‘renters’?
  • Why should our sexuality mirror who we want to be?
  • Our limitation isn’t a burden but a gift
  • The limitations we impose on ourselves are all our responsibility.
  • Why should we take back control of the areas of our lives where we don’t do so?
  • The essence of High Noon organization

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