Star of Netflix Documentary About Hookup Culture l Shay Ryan Douglas

#131 – Shay Ryan Douglas, Star of Netflix Documentary About Hookup Culture

Shay Ryan Douglas, Star of Netflix Documentary About Hookup Culture

Culture is a way of life that shapes every aspect of society. It has a significant impact on how we see ourselves and other people, as well as what we hold to be morally right and wrong. Our society greatly affects the choices we make, often without us even considering if such choices are helpful or detrimental to our wellbeing. However, the decisions we make can also have an impact on other people and eventually have a positive or negative impact on society.

Hookup culture has become a social issue not just because it promotes premarital sex, but also pressures people to engage in risky types of casual sexual activities. Considering how much society can influence our choices, those who don’t hook up may eventually do so in order to fit in or have a sense of belongingness, while those who do so feel the need to fulfill their emotional needs and use it as a way of seeking a romantic partner. Hookup culture is dangerous as it increases the likelihood that young men and women would either commit sexual crimes or become perpetrators.

The issue with hookups is not so much with the individuals who engage in it as it is with the cultural forces that shape sexual relationships. The first and most important step in determining what has to change is to identify the underlying causes of this. As culture is a form of collective awareness, many of us must work together to change the toxic culture and bring about the changes we have been envisioning for years.

In this episode, we are joined by Shay Ryan Douglas, the star of  Netflix documentaries Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution and Liberated: After Spring Break. Shay motivates his listeners to live life to the fullest and pursue their greatest aspirations. His stories, which he draws on from his own life experiences, let people see things from new angles and gain confidence, motivating them to do their best.

He shares with us the two documentaries’ main focus, his transformational journey. He talks about the hookup culture that exists in America, as well as how and why he changed and became a man with sexual integrity. He discusses what it really means to be liberated and what his greatest mission is for the world and himself.

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Show Notes

  • What is Synchrodestiny?
  • What does fulfilling the American dream mean?
  • What happens during Spring break?
  • Why do we self-shame?
  • The rite of passage
  • The journey of transforming into an individual with sexual integrity
  • A shift in perspective that leads to a deeper understanding of sexuality
  • The significance of a healthy spiritual and sexual connection to the world
  • The impact of our consciousness on the people around us
  • What does the liberated version of you look like in terms of sexuality?
  • Why is it important to be honest with your emotions?

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