Getting Out Of Your Head

#130 – Getting Out Of Your Head

EP 130 Getting Out Of Your Head

Digital technology has revolutionized the way we live today and is now a fundamental aspect of everyone’s lives. However, as we spend so much time online, many problems crop up, one of which is the negative impact on our wellbeing, especially our mental health.

Many of us overthink things that are beyond our control and that cause us to feel negative emotions. We linger on the same negative thoughts and emotions too much, which affects how we let bad habits – like porn addiction – into our lives. We strive to escape reality and find the connection we crave with other people or things, and we often neglect to connect with what and who is actually worth connecting to – our true selves. 

Too much of everything is bad. Therefore, it’s important that we know when to disconnect from our thoughts, social media, and our devices, and be able to reconnect with our bodies, emotions, and spirituality.

In this episode, Andrew talks about why we shouldn’t get trapped in our own heads, the healthy things we should engage in to re-establish connections with other areas of our lives, as well as the importance of constantly growing emotionally and spiritually. He also discusses why it’s important to limit our usage of technology and social media

We already have it tough, so why not take time to enjoy the simple things? Spend time with our true selves in a way that allows our minds to deepen our understanding, be challenged, and broaden our views of what is real and what isn’t, and our hearts to learn to appreciate even the smallest details of the people we love, to accept different types of people, and our spirituality to become in line with our true purpose.

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Show Notes

  • How much time do we spend in our own minds?
  • How much time do we spend on our emotions?
  • Why are we unable to get out of our own heads?
  • Why do people seek out porn?
  • Healthy things we should engage in to re-establish connections with other areas of our lives
  • The importance of constantly growing emotionally and spiritually
  • The negative impact of spending so much time in our heads

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