How 'Turn-Ons' Can Be Customized

#129 – How ‘Turn-Ons’ Can Be Customized

We all want to be the person we aspire to be in the future, to be fulfilled in life, and to be better people than we are now. But the real question is: does this align with the people we are today, and with the habits, we have in our lives right now? Sometimes our ambition and eagerness to live up to the ideal of the person we hope to become someday cause us to deny the unhealthy habits we have and to be ashamed of opening up to others. As a result, we don’t get the help we need to change or let go of those habits in our lives.

As humans, we sometimes struggle to manage our emotions. When we experience negative feelings, we often look for ways to control them, which causes us to develop bad habits like porn addiction. A person becomes dependent on porn because they allow themselves to think that their emotional state and their porn habit are related, making it impossible for them to quit. We must learn to deal with our emotions without associating them with a habit that limits our ability to grow. 

In this episode, Andrew and Benjy talk about the value of emotional self-awareness, the reasons we shouldn’t conflate our emotions with sexuality, and how to make our lives significant and purposeful without turning to porn for fulfillment. They also discuss how “turn-ons” can be customized, the significance of commitment to a long-term relationship, and the negative impact of social media’s so-called beauty standards.

Many people are being misled into using social media as their standard for many things, including what is beautiful or not, and this can have a negative impact on how men perceive women or their spouse in a relationship – and vice versa. When we commit to someone we truly love, we wouldn’t spend our time looking for things that they lack, but instead would spend it learning new and beautiful things about them. We would always find a reason why we shouldn’t let go and would strengthen our connection with God at its center.

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Show Notes

  • Why does someone conceal unhealthy habits?
  • Why do people continue a habit they don’t want?
  • Why is being emotionally self-aware important?
  • Why shouldn’t we conflate our emotional state and sexuality?
  • How can you simply separate your emotion from sex?
  • Porn is not the only reason why someone becomes addicted to it
  • Create a new opportunity for yourself to tell a story instead of porn
  • How ‘turn-ons’ can be customized
  • The significance of commitment to a lasting relationship
  • The harmful influence of social media’s so-called ‘standards’ on what is viewed as beautiful

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