Letting Your Old Self Die

#128 – Letting Your Old Self Die

Let your old self die and recreate yourself in the likeness of who you’d like to be. 

– Andrew Love

We’re all at different phases in our lives right now, and while our paths may differ, one thing is certain – we’ll all end up at the same place, for the same goal, which is to become the best version of ourselves. There are many things we must give up along the process, many fears we must face, and our old selves we must let go of. 

Most of us are scared to face our biggest fears and this is what’s hindering us from growing. We cannot force ourselves to face our fears right away. But we can always take our time, take small steps, and if we are afraid to face them alone, we can always turn to a community that can genuinely help and motivates us on our journey, such as High Noon. We can’t grow unless we face the things that scare us the most, and once we have the courage to face them, we can certainly meet more challenges and explore new things fearlessly.

Our habits define who we are as individuals. We can be readily influenced by a variety of things that can become our habits because of the environment in which we’re in. Allowing ourselves to get rid of unhealthy habits that aren’t beneficial to us is a key step toward rebuilding ourselves. It can be tough and painful to let go of our old unhealthy selves, but we should look forward to meeting our best selves. Reaching our desired destination and being able to look back and be proud of the journey we took is the best part of our new, fulfilled lives.

In this episode, Andrew and Benjy talk about why it’s important to let go of our old selves and the benefits of doing so in terms of restoring and seeing a different version of ourselves. They also discuss why we shouldn’t be afraid to face our biggest fears, especially if we do it with a community that can help us with our identity transformation, such as the High Noon community.

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Show Note

  • What does the “death of your old self” mean?
  • What keeps us from letting go of our old selves?
  • The effect of our surroundings on the habits we develop
  • The misconception about porn
  • Why should we allow ourselves to try new, healthy things?
  • Why should YOU join the Ascend Program?
  • YOU have to do the thing that scares you the most
  • Why shouldn’t you be afraid to open up to the right people, and community?
  • What does an identity shift entail?

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