Massive, Instant Transformation with Joshua Fontaine

#126 – Massive, Instant Transformation with Joshua Fontaine

Massive, Instant Transformation with Joshua Fontaine

We are afraid to face certain battles in our lives alone, as well as to tell others about them for fear of being judged. Battles we badly want to finish and win, but we lack the courage to do so. God gives the most difficult battles to his strongest soldiers; we should never feel alone or afraid, and we should always assure ourselves that God is with us through all seasons and phases of our journey.

Every journey is tough and sometimes can be bumpy, but one thing is certain: it will be beautiful and worth it. There are moments when we feel like giving up or that we are not making progress, and it is essential that we have someone to talk to who can provide us with the encouragement and inspiration to keep going. Including our family in our journey has to be the most meaningful part of it. Having them as our support system is one of the important aspects of our healing and continuing this journey confidently.

Having a community of individuals who can motivate us and who are also on the same journey as us is very beneficial for us, especially when we feel like we are failing. High Noon will play a significant role in helping us in our sexual integrity journey to ultimately let go of any addictions or bad habits that are hindering us from progressing. High Noon provides programs to help people in overcoming their porn addiction while also establishing sexual integrity.

In this episode, we are joined by Joshua Fontaine, one of the High Noon community’s most powerful testimonials. He talks about how he was able to break free from his porn addiction and live a fulfilled life with sexual integrity, as well as the individuals that inspired him and were a key part of his journey, such as his family and High Noon. He discusses how he discovered his own self-worth and how his transformation in just three years was massive and impactful.

Many of us struggle to find or realize our own worth, and we are less confident in ourselves and believe that no one deserves us but we must remind ourselves that only we can heal and make ourselves whole again during this time. The instant we shift our lives’ trajectory and begin loving and valuing ourselves, we will be able to see ourselves like others do and find an accountability partner. A partner who will hold our hands through every step of our lives, a partner who will make us fall in love with ourselves and see the world in a more meaningful light.

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Show Notes

  • Josh Fontaine’s first encounter with High Noon
  • The beginning of the journey towards building sexual integrity
  • The uncertainties during our journey
  • Having the determination to keep making progress
  • The significance of having people who will motivate us
  • Choosing an accountability partner
  • Why we should allow ourselves to recognize our real worth

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