How To Rapidly Change Your State of Mind/Heart

#125 – How To Rapidly Change Your State of Mind/Heart

How To Rapidly Change Your State of Mind/Heart

Every one of us has a lot of work to do and a lot of responsibilities to do in our daily lives. The feeling of being motivated and productive is what keeps us going, and it’s what keeps us smiling even when we’re tired. Many of us go through phases in our lives when we don’t feel like ourselves and aren’t motivated to accomplish the things we normally do. Our attitude and energy levels shift abruptly. In situations like these, our first instinct is to simply wait for things to return to normal, for fate to be on our side once more.

We must remind ourselves that we are simply humans and that it is okay to not be okay. It’s alright to feel this way, but we shouldn’t stay like this for too long. We need to find the strength to get up and do something about it rather than wait for things to happen.  We should nurture an environment where we can clear our minds, relax, replace bad energy with a positive one, and once again be our amazing selves.

Understanding what we need in times when our mind/heart state isn’t at its best is powerful as we know how to get back up and progress. The 21-day challenge is one of the most effective ways to shift our energy and re-establish momentum in our lives that allows us to perform at our best again. It’s a great way to assess and change our state, and it’s one of the best things we can do in response to our own relapse.

In this episode, Andrew talks about the purpose of this podcast, and how we can rapidly change our state of mind/heart. He also touches on what the 21-day challenge is all about, its purpose, and how it is helping him on his journey.

Listen to Episode 125 to learn more!

Show Notes

  • The purpose of High Noon’s Love, Life & Legacy Podcast
  • How can we create a new positive energy?
  • Understanding the purpose of the 21-day challenge
  • What process will have the greatest impact during a 21-day challenge?
  • The North Star Goal

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