Writing Letters to Your Future Spouse with Andi & Karen

#124 – Writing Letters to Your Future Spouse with Andi & Karen

Writing Letters to Your Future Spouse with Andi & Karen

It takes a lot of effort and sacrifice to get into a committed relationship, which is why we must prepare ourselves for it. We all have different ways of preparing ourselves and working to be a better half for our future spouses, but one thing we should remember is that loving ourselves, even more, will allow us to love someone as best we can.

The idea of writing letters to our future spouse about what we are doing, our thoughts, feelings, sacrifices, and efforts is the best way for us to not only love and better ourselves, but the person who will receive it will know how much we want them to happen and our entire personality even before we meet them.

It may seem strange to write letters to someone we have never met and have no idea who he or she will be, but investing our time and energy into a relationship with whom we have no idea how things will turn out will help us strengthen our commitment and lay the foundation for the love and effort we will provide to our future spouses.

In this episode, we are joined by Andi and Karen Pock, a newlywed couple currently in a long-distance relationship. Andi, who is currently based in Germany and has been a huge part of the High Noon community, was inspired to write letters to his future spouse without knowing who she was back then. When he and Karen married, he gave Karen the letters.

Andi explains why we should write letters to our future spouse, how it impacts him, and how it strengthens his commitment. Karen describes how it felt to get those letters and how they helped her learn more about him and his past.

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Show Notes

  • The purpose and reason for writing a letter to our future spouse
  • What impact can writing letters to our future spouse have on our commitment in a relationship?
  • A wonderful tool for getting to know your spouse better
  • The goal of High Noon
  • The significance of envisioning the future in the present

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