What Do You Want

#123 – What Do You Want?

What Do You Want

We all reach a phase in our lives where we are at a crossroads and are unsure of what we want. We’re lost, and there’s a part of our existence that feels empty, and we yearn for anything to fill that void.

Unfortunately, we sometimes waste our time and energy trying to fill that emptiness with things, habits, or people who will eventually ruin us. Making ill-advised actions and decisions for the sake of superficial fulfillment often leads to our demise.

When we take the time to fully understand what it is that we truly want and have clarity on our true purpose in this world, we will not waste our time and energy and will instead fill the void with so many beautiful and good things that only God can provide that are truly worth our time and energy.

The North Star Goal is one of High Noon’s programs that can help us start working on ourselves and our goals no matter where we are in life. There has been a higher level of success with the North Star Goal approach by identifying one’s purpose, goals, and how we want to show up in life.

In this episode, Andrew talks about how to figure out what we really want, what our purpose is, as well as where we should devote our time and energy. He also discusses how the North Star Goal, as well as other High Noon programs, can help us in starting to focus on ourselves and our goals in order to fill the void in our lives.

What is it that you actually want? It may seem like an easy question, but it is the most difficult to answer, as even ourselves don’t know what we want, but we are willing to sacrifice everything to figure it out and get the wholeness we seek in our life. This phase or journey can be difficult, lonely, and painful. But one thing is certain: it will be beautiful as long as we hang in there and surround ourselves with people who can help and guide us, like High Noon, on this rocky road called life.

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Show Notes

  • High Noon’s Programs
  • The North Star Goal
  • Turning the void in our lives into something we’re passionate about
  • Vessels to help us reach our full potential?
  • Figuring out what we truly want

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