Advice To Our Younger Selves

#122 – Advice To Our Younger Selves

Advice To Our Younger Selves

In our lives, there were times when we didn’t understand our actions and the things we did cause us trouble because we didn’t think much about what we were doing or the decisions we were making. As we mature in life, we learn that those experiences were necessary for us to grow and become better people. The beauty of maturing in wisdom and growing old with grace is learning from our mistakes so they will not happen again.

Many of us are constantly reminded of our younger selves and the things we would have done differently if we had known better at the time. Our younger selves serve as inspiration for us to strive to be better people for the sake of others, but mainly for ourselves. People typically ask us, “If you could talk to your younger self, what would you say?” This question makes us reflect on moments when we failed and how much we have grown since then. Most of us imagine how different our lives may have been if we had acted differently earlier in life.

May we never forget that, no matter what happens, we should always cherish what we have accomplished and who we have become. And if we are at any crossroads in our lives, let’s make sure that we make choices that our younger selves will be proud of.

In this episode, Andrew and Benjy talk about what advice we should give to our younger selves, the lessons we should learn in marriage, as well as trusting God in our journey. They also touch on the importance of having a cause in our lives and finding our sense of purpose.

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Show Notes

  • If we could talk to our younger selves, what would we tell them?
  • Why should we trust God with our marriage?
  • The sensation of being valued
  • Men’s journey on finding their genuine identities
  • Having a cause is fundamental to the experience of life
  • Finding our sense of purpose

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