Why YOUR Marriage Matters (Now more than ever!)

#121 – Why YOUR Marriage Matters (Now more than ever!)

Why YOUR Marriage Matters (Now more than ever!)

Marriage is an institution that brings order to society and is the cornerstone of a family. Marriage, more than its societal significance, matters as it shapes and helps couples grow individually into a better half for each other.

People nowadays believe that divorce or breaking up is the remedy they need even if there is a minor inconvenience in a relationship. When they get into a major disagreement with their partner, they immediately believe that they are not matched. Sometimes we only want to stay for the good times and feel it necessary to leave when things start to get bumpy. Whereas those minor inconveniences and arguments are what strengthen the relationship, it is what allows the couples to learn from each others’ mistakes in order to prevent them in the future. When we understand why marriage matters in our relationship, family, and most importantly, to God, we will see that those painful moments are simply challenges that actually make our marriage even more beautiful.

In this episode, Andrew and Benjy talk about why YOUR marriage matters, its impact on society, as well as why we should commit to the marriage process. They also discuss the importance of understanding the two worldviews about marriage, limiting beliefs, and what international marriage is all about.

When singles express an interest in marrying, many people will tell them that marriage is difficult, creating a misconception about marriage and discouraging them from doing so. Singles should remember that there is no such thing as an easy or flawless relationship; what matters is our commitment to the good and even difficult times with our spouse, and how it will mold us into the person we want to be.

Listen to Episode 121 to learn more!

Show Notes

  • Committing to the process of marriage
  • The purpose of marriage
  • The difference between the two worldviews about marriage
  • Marriage allows you to grow into the person you want to be
  • How marriage can impact society
  • Limiting beliefs
  • What is international marriage all about?
  • Why does YOUR marriage matter?

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