High Noon Japan with Luke Higuchi

#118 – High Noon Japan with Luke Higuchi

High Noon Japan with Luke Higuchi

Japan is regarded as one of Asia’s culturally conservative countries. Japanese culture is rich in rites and traditions that primarily value family honor, and keeps a careful balance between tradition and modernity.

Because of the importance of family honor in Japanese culture, there are many topics and issues that are not publicly discussed in Japan, one of which is sexuality. Even when media depictions are scrutinized and regulated, sexualization in the media continues to develop. The porn industry in Japan is labeled as a “business” that benefits the economy. Yet, it has a negative impact on how people see sexuality and women’s reputation, as they are exploited. Because sexuality is shaped by culture and society, it is critical that people understand how these harmful factors affect and even destroy family values.

In Episode 118, we are joined by Luke Higuchi, Pastor of Georgia True Family Community Center in Atlanta, a Japanese yoga instructor, and a teacher of Buddhism’s prospective life practice with Christian faith. He focuses on reaching out to Japanese people around the world, particularly in their own nation, and helping people who are battling addictions, such as porn addiction, through High Noon and their programs.

He shares his unique and inspiring story of how he learned about High Noon, and how it changed his unhealthy habits and transformed him into a man of God. And how High Noon helped him overcome his fear of sharing his story with the public and embrace it as his calling to help and inspire other people to overcome their addiction and develop sexual integrity.

There are times when we desire to change our destructive habits but are hesitant or embarrassed to tell anybody or ask for help. And that step was enough for God to perceive that we needed him on our journey; little did we know, he had already planned for us to meet people who would have an impact on and transform our lives for the better.

Listen to Episode 118 to get inspired and learn more!

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Show Note

  • Overcoming porn addiction
  • High Noon Summit and the beginning of a new life
  • Overcoming the struggle of opening up to other people
  • Why is it difficult for Japanese people to talk about sexuality?
  • The impact of Japan’s culture on why Japanese people are reluctant to discuss taboo topics
  • What is happening in the Japanese realm of High Noon?

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