The Wisdom of Trauma with Carina Cunningham

#117 – The Wisdom of Trauma with Carina Cunningham

The Wisdom of Trauma with Carina Cunningham

Trauma is not what happens to you. Trauma is what happens inside you, as a result of what happens to you. – Dr. Gabor Maté

Addiction usually comes from a place where a person is in need of something and is getting that need through their addiction. It provides a person with temporary relief and happiness, but it has negative repercussions, to which the person will return repeatedly.

There are certain times or situations in our lives that are so devastating and deeply scarring that we develop trauma that is deeply rooted in us, as a result of them. The traumas in the past that we do not face and resolve will hinder us from being genuinely happy and living a fulfilled life.

Rather than turning to addiction, resolving our trauma can help us understand what we truly need and how to fulfill it with the right things; turning to God and surrounding ourselves with the beautiful things in life, such as genuine people who can inspire and help us on our healing journey. Our wounds will turn into the best and most beautiful part of ourselves that we didn’t even know existed when we heal; healing may take time, but we should trust the process.

In Episode 117, we are joined by Carina Cunningham, as she shares the explanation of addiction, according to Gabor Maté, how it is connected with trauma, as well as, the process of understanding the wisdom of trauma. She also talks about the difference between healthy attachment and unhealthy attachment among children and what is healthy attachment among adults.

High Noon is a wonderful group of people who encourage one another to break free from addiction and live a happy, purposeful life.

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Show Note

  • Addiction according to Gabor Maté
  • The downside of overworking
  • Why should we let ourselves feel and release negative emotions?
  • What is trauma?
  • The process of understanding the wisdom of trauma
  • The difference between healthy attachment and unhealthy attachment among children
  • What are the healthy attachments among adults?
  • Finding a healthier way to connect with people

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