Your Sexuality Impacts Humanity's Fate

#116 – Your Sexuality Impacts Humanity’s Fate

Your Sexuality Impacts Humanity's Fate

We are the ones who create the future of our world. Our choices, habits, and behaviors have a significant role in shaping the world we want to live in. It has an impact on and defines society’s so-called standards; what our society considers natural or normal.

There are many unhealthy things that are seen as normal in our society, and one of them is the normalization of porn consumption. The porn industry has developed throughout time as the internet has grown in popularity. People have come to rely on it for their satisfaction, which has led to addiction. Porn is destructive and promotes the lowering of women’s reputations. It gives people an erroneous vision of what sexuality is all about. It is harmful not just because of the addictive behavior it fosters, but also because of the values it promotes. Instead of wasting our time and energy on things that do not serve us, we can invest our time and energy in things that will help us grow and lead us to a life filled with true happiness. Our small actions can have a significant impact on our society.

It is up to us to decide whether we want a healthy environment in which we may live a fulfilled life or one in which we are encouraged to partake in “normal” things that are not actually beneficial for us.

In Episode 116, Andrew and Benjy talk about what impact our sexuality has on humanity’s fate as well as how we can contribute to creating a better world. They also discuss how porn has a negative effect on our perceptions of sexuality, as well as how High Noon can help and be an essential piece of someone’s recovery from porn addiction.

High Noon is one of the organizations working to make the world a better place for all of us. It’s a group of people who help one another in developing sexual integrity, developing healthy habits, and permanently eliminating porn and masturbation from their lives.

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Show Notes

  • Sexuality plays an important role in this ‘new world’
  • What does decentralized sexuality entail?
  • A dynamic society
  • What impact do our decisions have on the world we live in?
  • Our small part has a big impact on the entire society
  • Your recovery matters

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