The Line in the Sand

#115 – The Line in the Sand

The Line in the Sand

There are habits that make us feel comfortable; habits that let us escape a stressful life. Because this habit has become our comfort or routine, we don’t bother to assess whether it is healthy or not, or we realize it is a bad habit, but won’t admit it to ourselves or others.

It is always up to us to decide on the kind of life we would want to live; whether we want an isolated life where we use addiction or a bad habit as an escape, or a life filled with people who will help us overcome our struggles and push us to find joy in the chaos.

Living a life free of bad habits and addiction begins with the decision to draw a line in the sand where we go beyond what we consider to be our ‘limit.’ It’s when we’ve made the decision to go to a point where we’re willing to go to any length to grow and heal.

In Episode 115, Andrew talks about what it means to draw a line in the sand in order to break free from a bad habit or addiction, as well as the value of self-love.

There will be seasons in our lives when we don’t feel as connected to ourselves as we usually do, times when we can become hard on ourselves in our desire to ‘perfect’ ourselves. Yet this ends up hurting us. Self-love is a practice, not a goal. It will be difficult to practice self-love if we punish ourselves for our mistakes rather than learn from them. The greatest amount of love we have should be poured on ourselves.

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Show Notes

  • The value of self-love
  • Breaking free from porn addiction
  • How to overcome the bad habit in our lives
  • The line in the sand

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