Sexuality & Judaism with the Millennial Rabbi

#114 – Sexuality & Judaism with the Millennial Rabbi

Sexuality & Judaism with the Millennial Rabbi

Traditional teachings serve as a guide in our lives as well as a foundation and basis in many areas of society. Being able to build a greater awareness of the world through having a deeper comprehension of traditional teachings is vital as it allows us to discover how things work in real-life situations and how we may apply those teachings to our contemporary lives.

The Torah is the most important document of Judaism, and Jews have relied on it throughout history. It continues to play an important role in Jewish people’s lives and provides important guidance.

As the Jewish community places a high emphasis on family values, sex and marriage are intimately connected wherein sex should only take place within a marriage at the right time and with the proper intent.

In Judaism, love should be selfless, as love isn’t through what we’re receiving, but it’s actually through how much we’re giving to the other person. It is important to have a stronger and higher connection with each other before beginning a relationship as they view marriage as a significant aspect of our lives. Marriage isn’t just about men and women becoming one, but more than that, it is the beginning of a closer relationship with God, who witnessed the union.

In Episode 114, we are joined by Rabbi Daniel Bortz, widely known as The Millennial Rabbi. He spent his teenage years studying Jewish wisdom and gaining a greater knowledge of it. He also explored Biblical, Talmudic, and Jewish mystical teachings in schools around the world. After earning his Rabbinic degree, he created an organization called SOUL X Academy that focuses on cultivating profound soul connections among adults through the experiential events they offer. He is a captivating speaker and experiential guide who shares the beautiful things he has learned while exploring Jewish wisdom with today’s generation, the millennials.

Rabbi Daniel shares with us the mystical teachings of Jewish, the significance of marriage, and how sexuality is viewed from the Judaism perspective. He discusses the negative impacts of pornography and how a Rabbi like himself can help someone who is struggling with addiction. He also talks about the importance of having a positive mindset in life and the value of separating work from home and family.

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Show Notes

  • What is Jewish mysticism all about?
  • The importance of marriage in Jewish mysticism
  • Focusing on self-improvement as a way of preparing for a relationship
  • The religious Jewish approach on finding a partner
  • Marriage from the Judaism perspective
  • The significance of learning about the Torah
  • Happiness is a byproduct of living a meaningful life
  • What is Mikvah all about?
  • The significance of sexuality from a spiritual lens
  • What is Kabbalah all about?
  • How does the Jewish community deal with pornography?
  • How does a Rabbi help someone who is struggling with addiction??
  • The importance of having a positive mindset
  • Jewish people see home as the holiest place on Earth

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