Does High Noon Really Work

#113 – Does High Noon Really Work?

Does High Noon Really Work

It can be comforting to do things that we are familiar with and sometimes we just let things be because we are scared to take a hard look at ourselves and see if the way we’re living can make us a better person or not. Other times, we know our habits and attitude aren’t good, but it’s difficult to admit it because we’re afraid to leave our comfort zone. Change will not come to us; there will be no right person or time for us to make that change as we’re the ones who will seek it out – it comes from our willingness to actually do it. Change begins the moment we step out of our comfort zone.

We are who we associate with, so we must carefully select the people with whom we spend our time and energy. It is vital to surround ourselves with people that empower, encourage, and help us in being the person we aim to be and living a meaningful life.

High Noon is more than simply an organization; it is a community of genuine individuals that are prepared and willing to be part of someone’s journey to self-improvement and healing.

High Noon offers programs to help individuals overcome their porn addiction while also developing sexual integrity; they also provide programs for married couples, singles, and parents. These programs are made up of courses that will guide people on their journey, and whether they will work or not is still up to us.

In Episode 113, Andrew and Benjy talk about High Noon and how it functions. They also discuss the significance of commitment for people who want to make a difference in their lives, as well as how High Noon may serve as an accountability partner.

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Show Notes

  • High Noon is a community
  • Breaking free from porn
  • Does High Noon work?
  • The Northstar goal
  • The importance of understanding the process of restoring oneself
  • The value of testimonies to the community
  • The five virtues of High Noon
  • What High Noon is set up for?
  • High Noon is an accountability partner

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