Dealing with Social Anxiety

#112 – Dealing with Social Anxiety

Dealing with Social Anxiety

Having social anxiety is more than just being uncomfortable around people – it involves fear that one might be judged or criticized negatively, which results in being self-conscious and losing confidence to show their true selves. Having the courage to interact with others can be frightening at first, but it will benefit us in many ways and bring out the best version of ourselves in all aspects of our lives.

It’s difficult to live with this anxiety because it hinders us from experiencing the unexpectedly amazing experiences that people around us can possibly bring. Connecting with people who inspire and push us to become the person we want to be can allow us to see life in a new light. Most importantly, connecting with genuine people can save us from self-destruction and become a blessing to the lives of those around us as well.

In Episode 112, Andrew and Benjy talk about how to deal with social anxiety as well as the importance of socialization in our lives. They also discuss how significant it is to have an accountable community to provide us warmth and guidance.

Learning to step outside of our comfort zones and try new things might be intimidating at first, but it does not mean we should avoid doing so simply because it is unfamiliar.  One of the best things we can have in this lifetime is to have people with whom we feel comfortable being ourselves, and High Noon is an accountable community where we can meet people who will help us become the person we want to be and live a fulfilled life.

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Show Notes

  • The significance of sociality in our life
  • The struggle of having social anxiety
  • Social anxiety can be self-destructive
  • How to connect with people
  • The importance of socializing with a moral based community
  • High Noon is an accountable community
  • Isolation isn’t healthy and should be avoided
  • Don’t be scared to grow into the person you want to be
  • The secret to life

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